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This is a story for another day with maybe a few episodes.  But the postcard means so much to me.  
Life is just running away with my days.  This adventure allowed the whole family to slow down for a moment or two. Many of the postcards coming up are from this journey.  But today is not the day the details are going to leak out.  

Stand by for more Bunnlevel Post Office story!

Unexpected places

During some very quiet downtime at my previous night shift, I went on a hunt for podcasts that would relate to my hobbies. There was very little in the way of quality choices, But there is always the prospector alive in me to look for the diamond in the rough when panning for gold.

The Postcardist, was a sweet surprise of a Postcard Podcast and Blog. The host, Frank, does not partake in exchanges as he has a specific collection with friends.  He did take the time to talk to other Deltiologist, which is always fun to listen to during a quiet stretch.  With a few episodes shared at work, it was decided to send a local landmark to the Postcardist with a thank you for his time to promote the modern postcard collector.  

I highly recommend the podcast of The Postcardist, to go back, to listen to the details and discoveries. He’s even had an intriguing mystery gift from a postcard artist. That is a Story & YouTube Video only he can tell.  What the Postcardist has done for me is help me find my own personal interest in postcards to refine my collection. Also, to introduce new exciting participants in postcarding.  

The Postcardist also interviewed Frank, yes Frank interviewed Frank who had inherited a collection and decided to convert the collection into an undertaking, sharing the lovely cards. This interview led me to a postcard conversation with Frank and a request to receive one from his lovely collection.  He is sharing his efforts on IG @fpbpostcard. Frank was very generous to send a postcard out almost a year after the project had completed. I appreciated the graciousness of both postcard collectors.  These early connections help lead me down a happy path to continue building my personal collection, while, enjoying the discovery of others collections.  There are more stories out there, just under the surface of a lovely postcard note.

Hope you’ll take the time to send someone a postcard. It’s arrival at the destination will bring joy!


To the Postcardist


📮 Postcrossing encounters unlock happiness📮

    Trying to catch my breath on the changes the world throws our way. A good surprise postcard will help set things straight or put the universe back into motion.  J from TX helped me through a tough time. A nice hello and update on the 4 legged kids.  All is well in the postcard passing world.  Take some time and register on Postcrossing.📮 No pressure, just friendly postcards to new friends all over the world, at snailmail speed.


Postcard Fair Cards

Note Back to J in TX

Good Day redbubble artist @BreathAliento

Good Day redbubble artist @BreathAliento

Our journey is just beginning, many other postcrossing members have been sharing for a very long time. I encourage you to join a world 🗺 of postcard loves. 

Visit Postcrossing.com

Thank you J from TX.  I love TX too!  Lovely stamps, adorable sticker to make a person smile. Most favorite thing is a website to look for new postcards to share.  Going to go check out the site where J’s card was made.  If I’m able to find some great cards and easily purchase them, I will list them on the resources page.  It’s hopeful to build the resource page quickly with many postcard options.  Check back often to see the updates.  Also check back to see when J mails off another postcard. 😍

Postcarding time Tio Shout out

Post Office, please take it easier on the beautiful pieces of Art 🎨 Love ❣  

    This blog has been a gift from above. I cannot tell you how many times it’s pages have snatched me from darker places. I’m not sure exactly how we got here, or who, what, where, when, why, to thank. Ever so be it, Thankful is what comes to mind when a postcard arrives.  They ALWAYS bring a smile to my face and pure joy while reading them. It’s an incredible feeling. 

    The last few weeks have been very trialsome personally. No need to go back and analyse or recall.  Now, we are on the brighter side of it.  I’ve received several cards in my PO box throughout the last 2 months.  There are so many people to shout out, and thanks for sharing postcards with me.  I love all of you. Please be assured, I will scan and post every single one of them until my last breath.  

    The commitment I have to the postcard, postcrossing, postfun, postcard pen pal community is undeniable. Even my family has been so supportive and encouraging in regard to the progress of the collection. The blog is so inspiring. This week, we passed 20,000 visitors to Mypicturepostcards.com.  It’s such an amazing experience. 

    With that milestone, We just want to tell you how much we appreciate your contribution to the collection and the experiences of exchanging/swapping/mailing/posting postcards. Thank you for sharing this grand hobby. Thank you for taking the time to send a postcard to someone and say hello. Thank you for waiting timelessly for a response. It is a great honour to know you and to share this great journey with you.  Bless you for your postcards, and again I thank you!

L J Artica


PS. If you know details about locations and interesting items on the postcards, please reach out and help us fill in the blanks. [A little postcard humor too]

email Picturepostcardjourney@gmail.com 

Postcrossing Shout Out US-8411599


The First Arrival
The address Side
The Stamp

Finally!  The arrival of the 1st postcard exchange from Postcrossing. You can see it proudly displayed on my member wall HERE This really is an exciting hobby full of connection and adventure.  The lovely message and recommendation to visit the Iao Monument.  This is the epitome of a great postcard conversation. 
I do find it odd that many people who share postcards do not share the address side of the card. I guess, to keep a conversation private between individuals. My thoughts differ on this, as its great examples that instruct new ones of how they can begin crafting conversations and relationships.  Of course, there are reasons to take precaution and protect the sender.  This I do believe is necessary. But this arrival postcard is addressed to me at my secure PO Box.  
Hope you enjoy the beautiful, delicate stamp as well. I’ve just begun to notice the intricate artwork of stamps.  The whole experience is positively joyful!
Hope you will take a moment to reach out to someone with a postcard.


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