Learning all over again, March 2023 🫥

Learning all over again, March 2023 🫥

We’ve upgraded our site to protect our collection online and have greater custimization to the highlight the postcards. The upgrades are great but they are taking a little longer to learn than anticipated. So i’ll leave some new beautiful postcards here from the arrivals of the week. Hopefully i’ll have time soon to continue the upgrade, the learning, and the stories behind these beautiful postcards. 


Stay Positive | Be Blessed | Share Often

Postcard notes for the socials-2023

 Loving the Postcard life. Thank you in advance for sharing a postcard our way.

*Gratitude is genuine when any postcard arrives.*-most importantly!

For the personal collection that we are growing from the legacy of our parents, we scavenger hunt for vintage scenes of Los Angeles, all southern California, all Idaho & the pacific northwest. Believe it or not, we also do Central Florida around i-4 corridor and throughout Hwy 27, 17, 98, 92. Fun stuff like Vintage motels or entertainment centers.

We also are enjoying building up a new hobby as a family to collect places we’ve visited or lived personally for Sauntering, or excursions we hope to have soon. These are fun because you don’t know what you’re going to run into on a traveling adventure. Looking back afterward is sure to bring plenty of ☺ smiles.

Lastly, we also collect “Busy Person’s Correspondence” postcards. We’ve even been thinking how we can resurrect something like these. They are fun indeed.
Of course, Murals are another favorite, & we have yet to receive a mural postcard. This should be the next viral postcard trend…. maybe we can get it going.
These are NOT requests. There are wonderful PC’s from all over the world in our received collection, with some handmade art. We love each one. It’s been challenging to get them all posted on the collection blog, too, but we strive to complete it!

Again, *Gratitude is genuine with each and every postcard arrival.*

Here’s why blog posts get batched & fall behind.  Interesting how they sent a card! 
Nice surprise 😲 

Lots of Love

LaLa 👋 

St Patrick’s Day is coming up!

January 2023 Postcrossing

    Looks as though, my Postcrossing fizzled some in January.  It was a super busy month.  I know I sent out cards 🎴 but I have no idea 💡 Well let’s look? 
    Let’s check the wall at Postcrossing on my members page and see what it comes up like. This was a good lesson for me, because times slips by before I realize.🤭 
    Postcards were sent out up through December. I had none sent in January.  I guess I need to step up my participation in the community.  Postcrossing does have a lovely forum for the community. It’s a very active forum too. Postcrossers are very dedicated to this hobby & the connections it creates.  
I’m going to see if i’m still eligible to send out a couple more postcards.  Someday I would love to live stream the process or at least 📹 video to document how we are doing things during this decade.  I’m going to have to stock up on some beautiful cards for sending. I’m tired of always posting the Empress Lily… 😂 

Until next time
Stay Positive | Be Blessed | Share Often


LaLa 👋



January📚GoodReads PC Exchange


Loving how the postcard community is growing on Good Reads. Combining the Postcards with a reading topic is such a wonderful blend of pastimes.  I keep getting the same person from the other side of the world 🗺. His postcards have not arrived yet, for 2 months in a row.  Will have to wait & see if the Global Post is going to follow through with delivery of his cards.  In the meantime, this month’s topic was the Public Domain titles that were recently released. 
What new old books are you finding to pick up again?


LaLa 👋 

📮More RAoC 📮

    Somewhere along the line 🤥 A certain Postcard lover mixed up their inbound & outbound piles. Shame on me!  These are really beautiful cards.  Forgive if I actually have posted these before, But I looked through without finding them posted anywhere.  Hope my fellow RAoC will 🙏 forgive.  Here are these from August. Who knows what was going on back then.  😂 


LaLa 👋 


January PostFun App Swaps 2023 👈(゚ヮ゚👈)


    Seems like all my postcards are from PostFun for January. I will admit, Many of the same cards go out for my PostFun exchanges. I have such a surplus of the Empress Lily still. I do not make a habit of sending the same card to the same people.     I do vary my Pen Pal Cards. But for one time exchanges, the WDW classic is my go-to card. That one & my personal print on demand designs. I like them, they are uplifting to me, so I hope they spread a little sunshine along the way.  My DHubby mails them for me, so I think they all ship out from the same 📮 mailbox, but one can never tell with a grown man.  😂 

    This month I went back to my PostFun app to check any unregistered cards here in the US. Then I resent seeing if the recipient might respond by registering the card. I’ve done this before with great success. Maybe the first card was lost in the post, or life challenges just did not allow them the opportunity to get to it. Either way, it’s been a great surprise to find that someone did respond to a 2nd card by registering it & also a quick card back in the post.  PostFun people are genuinely lovely correspondence partners. 
    This week though the 2nd card experiment had another result. As you see below, my card returned to me with the bright yellow returned to sender, No recipient found at that address.  It was a little sad for a moment. Of course, hoping that all is well with them.  It also leaves my mind at rest tho regarding the previous card being registered.  Not a big deal, just a resolution. The postal service machinery does not treat our correspondence kindly.  Hoping someday a Postmaster will own up to this negative default to make a change.
Anywho, Lets look at some postcards.  I do have a couple nice ones this month. 
    Many PostFun exchanges lead to Pen Pals if you wish. Many include an address to write back. Some are just a simple note of Thanks or well wishes.  These always bring a smile.  I get a kick out of the cards that ask questions with no way to write back with a response.  Truly a comical moment that brings a good laugh.  Every Postcard is precious to me. Every connection, if for a moment or a lifetime. To all the wonderful people out there who give tirelessly, I appreciate your kindness & effort. 

Thank you so much for sharing yourself.


LaLa 👋 

Support Local Independent Artisans 

Look at this poor ol beat up card

January RAoC 2023 🍾🎉🎊

     As Friday came, I was at work remembering that I had not yet posted. All my scheduled batches of postcard exchanges had finally aired. I was 💭 thinking, what am I going to post this week. It had seemed rather slow at the PO Box for the last two weeks. But I did receive a couple cards. Then as I started to pull up the cards that were scanned so far,     I was pleasantly surprised. Since, I also scan my outbound cards, I still had quite a few.  So enough of the small talk and onto these beautiful connections with people from these amazing cards.

    I’ve been mainly using 3 places to initiate postcard connections. PostFun app on my phone/tablet, Postcrossing, and GoodReads Postcard forum, from Rift V.  He has a fabulous group that combine the love of books and postcards.  That was last week’s article about GRPC.  

    Since I’m caught up on my inbound and outbound sync of scanning cards, I will just go ahead and show what went out since the first of the year too. 

    Of course, I still have about 300 Empress Lily postcards that I would love to send out.  You can leave an address HERE on the confidential form

    These were from Malaysia and UK the first week of the blessed new year 2023!


LaLa 👋 

Worldwide views Postcard Set


Good Reads Postcard Exchanges 2022

Good Reads has a readers forum within it’s book club.  Forums can lead to some interesting connections in life. I searched out postcards there immediately, and probably already told that story several times…. lol 😂 

One reason I blog is to help protect my memory, also, to leave a legacy for my children or grandchildren, so they might know the inner workings of their MaDré LaLa.  

Since we are approaching a new year, it seems natural to take a look back at some of the places we’ve visited through our postcards.  Here are the ones fellow book lovers & PC enthusiasts have sent me throughout the year. Hope you enjoy!


LaLa 👋🏻

December 2022 Part 2️⃣

Interesting 💭 

My outbound cards fell off in November while working extra hours on the day job. It seemed logical to me that the  📭 mailboxes📮 would also slow down. That has not been the case. Having a profile on Postcrossing and PostFun has kept me in the postcard exchanges at the end of the year.  It’s been very exhilarating.  Then I also received a lovely card for the holidays from my most favorite Dearheart, who is on the West Coast far away.  She always remembers and sends holiday greetings. I don’t know what I would do without her. 
There was also one more surprise this month with Logology. Since i’m actively building niche websites, I thought it would be prudent to hire a professional for logos on a new brand we are trying to create. There will be plenty to learn there on another date.  Logology send a lovely card, a postcard to thank me for the purchase, and a lovely envelope with their unique stamp.  It was so different in terms of marketing that I felt I just needed to share it.  I hope you like it.  

For the remainder of the year, it will be inevitable to be constantly busy with overtime at the day job. I will be struggling just to make it through physically. If I have a down week or two, please be patient. We welcome comments on the blog, and would love to hear from you. That could keep us connected until the next round of beautiful postcard posts. 

The blog has been pretty independent of my other projects, as it is my baby. These are my personal postcards being shared here.  Personal exchanges between friends, pen pals, and fellow postcrossers. I haven’t yet started a postcard club, nor a newsletter specifically for My Picture Postcards, yet the opportunity has recently been laid at my feet, so to speak.  Think i’m going to build the newsletter on postcard .page. I was able to get a profile started, and the domain for MyPicturePostcards. newsletter page.  So, thinking out loud, or #LearningInPublic, I’m going to try to build a specific newsletter just for MPP. I would really love contributions for your favorite postcard shopping experiences.  I’ve been working on my postcard marketplace as well.  Until the first of the year, the time will be extremely limited as to how much progress will be achieved. Since I’ve spoken it out into the ether of the universe, now maybe we can get somewhere with these beautiful postcard projects.  

Until next time

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year

LaLa 👋🏻


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