October Postcard Updates

Things have been slow this month at the PO Box. It is truly certain that you get what you put out there, and I’ve been concentrating on other things. The postcard shops are getting more listings with updated information. It’s been quite a project, and I didn’t realize how much detail was involved, how many

Getting caught up with the post

Taking the summer off to catch up with my postcrossing and collection proved to be very fruitful. Many new postcards have been acquired for the Florida & Southern California Collections. Plus, I’ve been learning how to live stream to share the new cards as they arrive. [The stream replay is viewable for 7 days before

The #1 and only 🥇

Room for 1 more…plus a few extras Connections are our reason for being. Exploring the world one postcard at a time. Each one with its own story. Learn along the way Always perusing the postcard market for unique finds that appeal to me and fit the collection. Social media has been a powerhouse in connecting

The Art Of…

The Art of Breathing We’ve been battling a nasty cold between everyone in the household for a couple weeks. So, I turned my Postcrossing to inactive status, Postcards United is on Vacation, PostFun App is also inactive, and Reddit r/RandomActsOfCards is just closed to me for the moment. Meanwhile, when able there were a couple

More Postcards Part 2 📮

More Postcards Part 2 📮 I have not been keeping up with my postcard exchange postings & ShoutOUTS! So instead…Let’s just get straight to it. Here are the POSTCARDS that have been hanging around my desk. Because once I post them I put them away, & I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to

Postcard Haiku arrival

Haiku Postcard Project Always keeping the eyes focused on postcard opportunities, I recently came across a beautiful project.A personal Haiku written and sent directly to the receiver on… yep you named it…a POSTCARD! This is a lovely thoughtful project being documented on Andy’s Blog. Haiku Andy: The daily haiku actual postcard project I found Andy’s

RAoC Spring & Summer 2023

RAoC Spring & Summer 2023 I have a confession to make! -LaLa I’m a hoarder of postcards 🙃 Still My desk, usually my happy place is becoming overrun with beautiful, wonderful, lovely, POSTCARDS!How do we keep all these postcards in check between the arrivals, the departures, the unused new ones to send, the old vintage

More Postcards than ever! June 2023

Magnificent Postcard and RAoC Sending Happiness.

Sauntering Along

Tios Keeping Busy Sauntering Along The Tios are out adventuring with their feet getting ready for a Summer long adventure next year. They have decided to partake of either entirely or partly enjoying the Appalachian Trail. This means they are spending all their spare time out in nature, preparing physically for the experience. While residing

National Postcard Week 2023📬


Trying something new🤔

ShoutOut Blue Ridge Fiber Fest
Great Postcard Marketing!

Postcards are the focus! 🔆

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