Fall Club Meeting Update 🌞

Sunshine 🌞 Post Card Club
Got some lovely Busy persons Correspondence cards

I was waiting for my new duplex postcard scanner to share all the cards I purchased, But I couldn’t contain myself and did that post first…. 😂 
All of these Cards will take their place in my personal collection. There are plenty more finds that will be coming to the postcard shop before you know it. 

I found DHubby another beautiful PC from El Salvador, and that just thrilled him.  Hope to get back with the club in January at the new location and spend the weekend shuffling through more tables and tables of postcards.  

There are a few more of the Busy Person’s Correspondence cards. May have even a couple more posts of just BP cards like those.  I simply love them.  I’m going to try to make some that are more modern and fun.  We’ll see how it goes. 

Till next week



RAoC Form Fun Part 3️⃣

 So, what do you do when the first set of requests start to fizzle down? You look for another avenue or community where people talk about postcards. Next step was to visit the forums on Postcrossing. I’ve been on postcrossing for about a year. Participation on the site itself had been lacking, so I decided to get check out how people interact on the website besides the random postcard connections set up by postcrossing itself.  Found such a lovely warm community. It’s been around for 16 years now. People randomly chosen to send postcards from all over the world.  

Postcrossing is something I had looked at before when beginning “The Tender Two” blog. Ruby and I had been writing letters since childhood, and decided to share our writing adventures online in a blog.  I also had postcards from other childhood friends and family.  My auntie would send them from all over the country when they were roadtripping somewhere, just to keep us informed.  It was some of my best memories.  Those cards and some from my dad are the base of my collection now. 

While exploring the snailmail memories on The Tender Two, I had found postcrossing and tried to participate.  It was very short-lived. I just couldn’t find a way to keep up. Not wanting to tarnish the reputation of both Ruby and I, since we are partners online, I thought it would be better to step back until I could find a workaround. It took almost 4 years to get back. however, being back in a real capacity to participate in exchanges and the community itself. “In all the way” and “Never Look Back” were the relief I felt when going through the forums on their website.  Other postcrossers were warm and inviting. Helpful too!  

Never too afraid to ask for help, I posted in the forum about the Empress Lilly cards and asked how other postcrossers enjoy the hobby.  There were a few who actually responded and tried out the form.  

More Empress Lilly went for a trip. Here they are!

RAoC Form Fun Part 2️⃣


They all got the same postcard, yet every card especially made for the requestor.
It was fun to look at them all together on this page, one after the other. I noticed the differences in how the return address was, and a couple didn’t even have any.  
Super fun project.  I have plenty more of these beautiful cards. Would LOVE to send them out to whomever would like one the form is HERE

Here are some cute postcards to use for RAoC from Amazon #AdLink

Follow up

 Just to let everyone know, we made it through the Hurricane Ian without any major damages. No losses on the collection or anything else.  Many of our neighbors in Florida are not as fortunate as we were. Please take a moment and use reputable charity organizations to help Floridians get back to their homes and rebuild.  It really hit home for me as i was looking specifically for postcards of Sarasota, to take to the Sunshine PostCard Club event next weekend, Oct 8th.  I have not heard if the person I’m holding these postcards for is okay or even has a home at this point.  

Please, consider helping Florida Hurricane survivors. Thank you for your support!


Siesta Key in the 70s

Just a quick note Sept 2022

 Hola Hola👋

Your Life is more important that your postcard collection.

So…. Here, in Florida, We will be skipping this weeks post due to bugging out for Hurricane Ian.
We had hoped to go to the Tropical Postcard Event in Pompano on Saturday, but the trajectory of the storm makes it impossible for us to attend.  We also were looking forward to getting to the Sunshine Postcard Club event the following weekend. Time will only tell after the storm passes, if this is possible.

It is our gracious wishes that everyone here in Florida, take the precaution to prepare for the storm. Our thoughts are with everyone, please be safe. Hope to see you next week with another postcard tale.


LaLa 👋

Cypress Garden History Captured

Found these beauties at the Swap o Rama in Webster Florida.  They were the gems from a box full of vintage cards I found.  Don’t think I will be selling these. They are staying in my personal collection. Maybe one day they will be part of a Postcard Museum I would hope to build. 
Plenty of time….. 
It’s an awesome pool…. right?!

LaLa 🤟

Unexpected places

During some very quiet downtime at my previous night shift, I went on a hunt for podcasts that would relate to my hobbies. There was very little in the way of quality choices, But there is always the prospector alive in me to look for the diamond in the rough when panning for gold.

The Postcardist, was a sweet surprise of a Postcard Podcast and Blog. The host, Frank, does not partake in exchanges as he has a specific collection with friends.  He did take the time to talk to other Deltiologist, which is always fun to listen to during a quiet stretch.  With a few episodes shared at work, it was decided to send a local landmark to the Postcardist with a thank you for his time to promote the modern postcard collector.  

I highly recommend the podcast of The Postcardist, to go back, to listen to the details and discoveries. He’s even had an intriguing mystery gift from a postcard artist. That is a Story & YouTube Video only he can tell.  What the Postcardist has done for me is help me find my own personal interest in postcards to refine my collection. Also, to introduce new exciting participants in postcarding.  

The Postcardist also interviewed Frank, yes Frank interviewed Frank who had inherited a collection and decided to convert the collection into an undertaking, sharing the lovely cards. This interview led me to a postcard conversation with Frank and a request to receive one from his lovely collection.  He is sharing his efforts on IG @fpbpostcard. Frank was very generous to send a postcard out almost a year after the project had completed. I appreciated the graciousness of both postcard collectors.  These early connections help lead me down a happy path to continue building my personal collection, while, enjoying the discovery of others collections.  There are more stories out there, just under the surface of a lovely postcard note.

Hope you’ll take the time to send someone a postcard. It’s arrival at the destination will bring joy!


To the Postcardist


Exploring new communities for postcard sharing

Unafraid to explore the rabbit holes on the internet has led to some more enjoyable adventures in Postcards. Reddit has a vibrant community of people who actively look to send cards to random, unknown recipients. They have a Subreddit called r/RandomActsofCards, aka r/RAoC.  A formula to post or offer cards or respond to those who offer. Honestly, I still am not listed as a flaired member, and the unique expressions they use I’m not 100% clear on. But the ABUNDANCE of wonderful people who love to send and receive cards, without importance of whom they arrive upon, is incredible.  It was here, I found a thoughtful and gracious post for an offer to send cards out to people that may want only what the sender had available.  This offer made a post to offer and set up a quick form on Google to make it easy to receive the information to send out cards.  It was u/amonstershere who taught me how to start this adventure on r/RAoC.  So here is the surprise of a card from Charlie, and The card going out that I’ll be sending out back to the other side of the Atlantic.  

Thank You!

PostFun is another way to share.

Exploring all the different avenues when traveling is pretty normal for the adventurous family we come from.  Tales of a touch of gypsy blood, and many destinations to have crossed our path. Now with less travel time, my virtual adventures have been learning how to fit into the deltiology community, exploring all the avenues technology combines with snail mail. 
A random search in Google Play Store, [I’m always putting the keyword postcard into any search bar I can find]  just to see what might come up. I think I was looking for a postcrossing app without any luck, so It was time to shorten the query down to just “post.” or “postcard”.
Finding PostFun was an exciting day for me. The realization that there are other postcard exchange communities has put me in a whirlwind to find more and document as many as possible.  It’s the inspiration for building a resource page, and maybe onto a database, so that others can easily find places to look for postcard art, postcard swaps, any and everything postcard, old and new.  
I must admit, our family is getting swept up in the rush of discovering everything postcard.  Hope you are enjoying the travels you take with postcards as well. 

These are some of my latest Sends and Receives from PostFun App.

First Received Card
Note they use a postcard ID which is fun to register when received.
Somewhere I left the Photo side, I cannot find it. Maybe L will scan it in the comments
Maybe She knew what was coming in the post?
Not all of them arrive.

One of the things, from this point on, I’ve been working on and refining a logo signal for my Mobile Media Mania business. Here next to the Hola Hola 👋  we can watch the progression of the Swan Palm Wave.  Lakeland is known as Swan City from the Swans that were gifted from the Queen. I thought it would be cool to fashion it like a swan waving hello, or hola like I always do online.  

There were quite a few of the WDW Empress Lily that were sent on these PostFun cards. It’s been a challenge to figure out how to share them and use them up without becoming a nuisance with the repetition of them.  Fortunately, there is a lovely local artist that is also selling postcards. More about her art in another episode.  LKLDlense definitely has an eye, and shows off the most beautiful aspects of Lakeland.

More Swans here


Lakeland is also famous for the Southgate Arch. One of the early Publix locations began here as well. This is hallowed grown in Lakeland.  Several of these precious Southgate photograph postcards have passed through the snailmail. There are various more waiting to find a new home.  

Hopefully, these brief stories encourage you to take a moment, put a stamp and address on a postcard to send it off.  If you struggle to find someone to send it to, Postfun is very enjoyable postcard fun.

Tell me what you think of it’s first version?


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