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    Somewhere along the line 🤥 A certain Postcard lover mixed up their inbound & outbound piles. Shame on me!  These are really beautiful cards.  Forgive if I actually have posted these before, But I looked through without finding them posted anywhere.  Hope my fellow RAoC will 🙏 forgive.  Here are these from August. Who knows what was going on back then.  😂 


LaLa 👋 


November Exchanges 2022


November was a little slower month for the PO Box, But it revealed some gems worth waiting for. These came from Reddit RAoC and Good Reads Postcard exchanges.  I did get emails confirming the receipt of two cards I sent out for Postcrossing too.  I’m always amazed by the frequency that others are able to get cards sent out and registered.  I guess I’m more on the deliberately slow pace. Probably more like postcards started out in the early 1900s.  
I did  manage to get a box of PCs scanned over the weekend. Amazed to find 880 in the file when I had finished scanning for the evening.  It’s such a lovely feeling to watch and hear them zipping through the scanner, knowing that soon their lives will be shared online for generations to come.  
That feels good, to be able to preserve these beautiful pieces of history.  More will come, at that very deliberate slow pace, the saunter of enjoyment.  I love sharing these treasures, so i’m never gone for too long.  


LaLa 👋

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RAoC Form Fun Part 3️⃣

 So, what do you do when the first set of requests start to fizzle down? You look for another avenue or community where people talk about postcards. Next step was to visit the forums on Postcrossing. I’ve been on postcrossing for about a year. Participation on the site itself had been lacking, so I decided to get check out how people interact on the website besides the random postcard connections set up by postcrossing itself.  Found such a lovely warm community. It’s been around for 16 years now. People randomly chosen to send postcards from all over the world.  

Postcrossing is something I had looked at before when beginning “The Tender Two” blog. Ruby and I had been writing letters since childhood, and decided to share our writing adventures online in a blog.  I also had postcards from other childhood friends and family.  My auntie would send them from all over the country when they were roadtripping somewhere, just to keep us informed.  It was some of my best memories.  Those cards and some from my dad are the base of my collection now. 

While exploring the snailmail memories on The Tender Two, I had found postcrossing and tried to participate.  It was very short-lived. I just couldn’t find a way to keep up. Not wanting to tarnish the reputation of both Ruby and I, since we are partners online, I thought it would be better to step back until I could find a workaround. It took almost 4 years to get back. however, being back in a real capacity to participate in exchanges and the community itself. “In all the way” and “Never Look Back” were the relief I felt when going through the forums on their website.  Other postcrossers were warm and inviting. Helpful too!  

Never too afraid to ask for help, I posted in the forum about the Empress Lilly cards and asked how other postcrossers enjoy the hobby.  There were a few who actually responded and tried out the form.  

More Empress Lilly went for a trip. Here they are!

RAoC Form Fun Part 2️⃣


They all got the same postcard, yet every card especially made for the requestor.
It was fun to look at them all together on this page, one after the other. I noticed the differences in how the return address was, and a couple didn’t even have any.  
Super fun project.  I have plenty more of these beautiful cards. Would LOVE to send them out to whomever would like one the form is HERE

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Exploring new communities for postcard sharing

Unafraid to explore the rabbit holes on the internet has led to some more enjoyable adventures in Postcards. Reddit has a vibrant community of people who actively look to send cards to random, unknown recipients. They have a Subreddit called r/RandomActsofCards, aka r/RAoC.  A formula to post or offer cards or respond to those who offer. Honestly, I still am not listed as a flaired member, and the unique expressions they use I’m not 100% clear on. But the ABUNDANCE of wonderful people who love to send and receive cards, without importance of whom they arrive upon, is incredible.  It was here, I found a thoughtful and gracious post for an offer to send cards out to people that may want only what the sender had available.  This offer made a post to offer and set up a quick form on Google to make it easy to receive the information to send out cards.  It was u/amonstershere who taught me how to start this adventure on r/RAoC.  So here is the surprise of a card from Charlie, and The card going out that I’ll be sending out back to the other side of the Atlantic.  

Thank You!

ShoutOut u/Kittycatcon and r/RAoC

You can meet some interesting people in places you never expected, if you just look.  u/KittyCatCon posted in r/RAoC  Random acts of cards. Offering to paint postcards in Support of Ukraine and Show her and our Support for the people of Ukraine.  So Glad to have the opportunity to receive your precious artwork, this beautiful sunflower. It is so representative of the determination of the people of Ukraine and how they hold their heads up for their freedom.  Beautiful Postcard
Thank you KittyCatCon

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