January 2023 Postcrossing

    Looks as though, my Postcrossing fizzled some in January.  It was a super busy month.  I know I sent out cards 🎴 but I have no idea 💡 Well let’s look?      Let’s check the wall at Postcrossing on my members page and see what it comes up like. This was a good lesson for

January📚GoodReads PC Exchange

  Loving how the postcard community is growing on Good Reads. Combining the Postcards with a reading topic is such a wonderful blend of pastimes.  I keep getting the same person from the other side of the world 🗺. His postcards have not arrived yet, for 2 months in a row.  Will have to wait

📮More RAoC 📮

    Somewhere along the line 🤥 A certain Postcard lover mixed up their inbound & outbound piles. Shame on me!  These are really beautiful cards.  Forgive if I actually have posted these before, But I looked through without finding them posted anywhere.  Hope my fellow RAoC will 🙏 forgive.  Here are these from August. Who

January PostFun App Swaps 2023 👈(゚ヮ゚👈)

#AdLink     Seems like all my postcards are from PostFun for January. I will admit, Many of the same cards go out for my PostFun exchanges. I have such a surplus of the Empress Lily still. I do not make a habit of sending the same card to the same people.     I do vary

January RAoC 2023 🍾🎉🎊

     As Friday came, I was at work remembering that I had not yet posted. All my scheduled batches of postcard exchanges had finally aired. I was 💭 thinking, what am I going to post this week. It had seemed rather slow at the PO Box for the last two weeks. But I did receive

Good Reads Postcard Exchanges 2022

Good Reads has a readers forum within it’s book club.  Forums can lead to some interesting connections in life. I searched out postcards there immediately, and probably already told that story several times…. lol 😂  One reason I blog is to help protect my memory, also, to leave a legacy for my children or grandchildren, so they

December 2022 Part 4️⃣

Postcrossing arrivals this week from Russia & Finland.  So grateful to you for sending these beautiful cards. Love the stamps.  Best Wishes to EVERYONE!   Love  LaLa 👋 

December 2022 Part 3️⃣

This will post a week or two after the wedding, but the card was beautiful & I had to share. If I get some decent photos before this posts, they will be included.     Love LaLa 👋🏻  

December 2022 Part 2️⃣

Interesting 💭  My outbound cards fell off in November while working extra hours on the day job. It seemed logical to me that the  📭 mailboxes📮 would also slow down. That has not been the case. Having a profile on Postcrossing and PostFun has kept me in the postcard exchanges at the end of the

December 2022 Swaps Part 1️⃣

  Special Surprise for a DearHeart

November Exchanges 2022

  November was a little slower month for the PO Box, But it revealed some gems worth waiting for. These came from Reddit RAoC and Good Reads Postcard exchanges.  I did get emails confirming the receipt of two cards I sent out for Postcrossing too.  I’m always amazed by the frequency that others are able

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