Swagology Surprise 😍📮

Swagology Surprise 😍📮 Had forgotten a comment on Twitter, until the mail from France arrived.Engagement on Twitter is one of those little mood boosters that helps to push me forward on my many online projects. It’s where I came across Logology founders. Supporting Bootstrappers is important to me. They are the creatives trying to make

National Postcard Week US

Sometimes, curiosity can get the best of us.  I went looking for more exciting places to connect with postcard enthusiast. Of course, I found them… 😊 National PostCard WeekSending these beautiful Wildflower specimens back to the group. They were kind enough to forward information in a postcard as to how to participate in the event.

March’s Final Postcards Arrive 2023

March’s Final Postcards Arrive 2023 This week we have visits from @TheRecycledPirate & the newsletter from @PostcardsFromIrving. Also visiting, u/Itepk, Tio Karl, & newsletter from Sunshine PostCard Club. Learn More

March Moves On

March Postcard Exchanges GRPC

Learning all over again, March 2023 

  Learning all over again, March 2023  We’ve upgraded our site to protect our collection online and have greater custimization to the highlight the postcards. The upgrades are great but they are taking a little longer to learn than anticipated. So i’ll leave some new beautiful postcards here from the arrivals of the week. Hopefully

Postcard notes for the socials-2023

 Loving the Postcard life. Thank you in advance for sharing a postcard our way. *Gratitude is genuine when any postcard arrives.*-most importantly! For the personal collection that we are growing from the legacy of our parents, we scavenger hunt for vintage scenes of Los Angeles, all southern California, all Idaho & the pacific northwest. Believe

January 2023 Postcrossing

    Looks as though, my Postcrossing fizzled some in January.  It was a super busy month.  I know I sent out cards 🎴 but I have no idea 💡 Well let’s look?      Let’s check the wall at Postcrossing on my members page and see what it comes up like. This was a good lesson for

January📚GoodReads PC Exchange

  Loving how the postcard community is growing on Good Reads. Combining the Postcards with a reading topic is such a wonderful blend of pastimes.  I keep getting the same person from the other side of the world 🗺. His postcards have not arrived yet, for 2 months in a row.  Will have to wait

📮More RAoC 📮

    Somewhere along the line 🤥 A certain Postcard lover mixed up their inbound & outbound piles. Shame on me!  These are really beautiful cards.  Forgive if I actually have posted these before, But I looked through without finding them posted anywhere.  Hope my fellow RAoC will 🙏 forgive.  Here are these from August. Who

January PostFun App Swaps 2023 👈(゚ヮ゚👈)

#AdLink     Seems like all my postcards are from PostFun for January. I will admit, Many of the same cards go out for my PostFun exchanges. I have such a surplus of the Empress Lily still. I do not make a habit of sending the same card to the same people.     I do vary

January RAoC 2023 🍾🎉🎊

     As Friday came, I was at work remembering that I had not yet posted. All my scheduled batches of postcard exchanges had finally aired. I was 💭 thinking, what am I going to post this week. It had seemed rather slow at the PO Box for the last two weeks. But I did receive

Good Reads Postcard Exchanges 2022

Good Reads has a readers forum within it’s book club.  Forums can lead to some interesting connections in life. I searched out postcards there immediately, and probably already told that story several times…. lol 😂  One reason I blog is to help protect my memory, also, to leave a legacy for my children or grandchildren, so they

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