Fall Club Meeting Update 🌞

Sunshine 🌞 Post Card Club Got some lovely Busy persons Correspondence cards I was waiting for my new duplex postcard scanner to share all the cards I purchased, But I couldn’t contain myself and did that post first…. 😂  All of these Cards will take their place in my personal collection. There are plenty more

Presented by my new Scanner!

Look at how quickly it scans and saves these cards.  Scanning both sides of the cards at the same time. I should be able to process all my cards this month and get any extras ready to sale.  The New Year has so much to look forward too with this new equipment.   #AdLink The last

RAoC 4️⃣

 There are so many great loving people, Just look around you.  Here is u/orangewolpertinger from Reddit’s RAoC.  Can I tell you, They just ROCK!  RAoC is one of the most generous card exchange communities I’ve seen yet.  It would be hard to out pace them.   THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! #AdLink

Things are looking up 👆

    The post office box has been picking up lately.  It’s on the way to town so when DHubby and I are finished with our grocery shopping we drop by to pick up the mail.  It’s a wonderful feeling, the excitement of wonder. “Is there going to be anything in the box this week” has

RAoC Form Fun Part 3️⃣

 So, what do you do when the first set of requests start to fizzle down? You look for another avenue or community where people talk about postcards. Next step was to visit the forums on Postcrossing. I’ve been on postcrossing for about a year. Participation on the site itself had been lacking, so I decided

RAoC Form Fun Part 2️⃣

  Yep They all got the same postcard, yet every card especially made for the requestor. It was fun to look at them all together on this page, one after the other. I noticed the differences in how the return address was, and a couple didn’t even have any.   Super fun project.  I have plenty

RAoC Form Fun Part 1️⃣

Random Acts of Postcards     This adventure started by looking for postcard exchanges. I never know how I get someplace, but the trail always lead to someplace good, kind, beautiful, blessed and abundant.  The community on Reddit has been around since 2013, nearly a decade now.  I hope they have a huge postcard celebration for

Time Saver Postcards Part 2️⃣

 Hola Hola 👋     These are actually the first Busy Persons correspondence cards I came across that ignited my exploration of the cards in part 1.  I don’t know for the life of me why I only scanned the front side of these postcards.  I’ll have to dig through the box and find them to

Time Saver Postcards Part 1️⃣

Hola Hola 👋      These cards are adorable! The introduction to these was finding some in a 🗃 box I purchased at the flea market.  They ignited my imagination. On my computer there is a special file of ideation, thinking about how could I morph this into something else.  A copy of these cards always end up

Follow up

 Just to let everyone know, we made it through the Hurricane Ian without any major damages. No losses on the collection or anything else.  Many of our neighbors in Florida are not as fortunate as we were. Please take a moment and use reputable charity organizations to help Floridians get back to their homes and

Just a quick note Sept 2022

 Hola Hola👋 Your Life is more important that your postcard collection. So…. Here, in Florida, We will be skipping this weeks post due to bugging out for Hurricane Ian. We had hoped to go to the Tropical Postcard Event in Pompano on Saturday, but the trajectory of the storm makes it impossible for us to

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