January📚GoodReads PC Exchange


Loving how the postcard community is growing on Good Reads. Combining the Postcards with a reading topic is such a wonderful blend of pastimes.  I keep getting the same person from the other side of the world 🗺. His postcards have not arrived yet, for 2 months in a row.  Will have to wait & see if the Global Post is going to follow through with delivery of his cards.  In the meantime, this month’s topic was the Public Domain titles that were recently released. 
What new old books are you finding to pick up again?


LaLa 👋 

January RAoC 2023 🍾🎉🎊

     As Friday came, I was at work remembering that I had not yet posted. All my scheduled batches of postcard exchanges had finally aired. I was 💭 thinking, what am I going to post this week. It had seemed rather slow at the PO Box for the last two weeks. But I did receive a couple cards. Then as I started to pull up the cards that were scanned so far,     I was pleasantly surprised. Since, I also scan my outbound cards, I still had quite a few.  So enough of the small talk and onto these beautiful connections with people from these amazing cards.

    I’ve been mainly using 3 places to initiate postcard connections. PostFun app on my phone/tablet, Postcrossing, and GoodReads Postcard forum, from Rift V.  He has a fabulous group that combine the love of books and postcards.  That was last week’s article about GRPC.  

    Since I’m caught up on my inbound and outbound sync of scanning cards, I will just go ahead and show what went out since the first of the year too. 

    Of course, I still have about 300 Empress Lily postcards that I would love to send out.  You can leave an address HERE on the confidential form

    These were from Malaysia and UK the first week of the blessed new year 2023!


LaLa 👋 

Worldwide views Postcard Set


Exploring new communities for postcard sharing

Unafraid to explore the rabbit holes on the internet has led to some more enjoyable adventures in Postcards. Reddit has a vibrant community of people who actively look to send cards to random, unknown recipients. They have a Subreddit called r/RandomActsofCards, aka r/RAoC.  A formula to post or offer cards or respond to those who offer. Honestly, I still am not listed as a flaired member, and the unique expressions they use I’m not 100% clear on. But the ABUNDANCE of wonderful people who love to send and receive cards, without importance of whom they arrive upon, is incredible.  It was here, I found a thoughtful and gracious post for an offer to send cards out to people that may want only what the sender had available.  This offer made a post to offer and set up a quick form on Google to make it easy to receive the information to send out cards.  It was u/amonstershere who taught me how to start this adventure on r/RAoC.  So here is the surprise of a card from Charlie, and The card going out that I’ll be sending out back to the other side of the Atlantic.  

Thank You!

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