Postcard notes for the socials-2023

 Loving the Postcard life. Thank you in advance for sharing a postcard our way.

*Gratitude is genuine when any postcard arrives.*-most importantly!

For the personal collection that we are growing from the legacy of our parents, we scavenger hunt for vintage scenes of Los Angeles, all southern California, all Idaho & the pacific northwest. Believe it or not, we also do Central Florida around i-4 corridor and throughout Hwy 27, 17, 98, 92. Fun stuff like Vintage motels or entertainment centers.

We also are enjoying building up a new hobby as a family to collect places we’ve visited or lived personally for Sauntering, or excursions we hope to have soon. These are fun because you don’t know what you’re going to run into on a traveling adventure. Looking back afterward is sure to bring plenty of ☺ smiles.

Lastly, we also collect “Busy Person’s Correspondence” postcards. We’ve even been thinking how we can resurrect something like these. They are fun indeed.
Of course, Murals are another favorite, & we have yet to receive a mural postcard. This should be the next viral postcard trend…. maybe we can get it going.
These are NOT requests. There are wonderful PC’s from all over the world in our received collection, with some handmade art. We love each one. It’s been challenging to get them all posted on the collection blog, too, but we strive to complete it!

Again, *Gratitude is genuine with each and every postcard arrival.*

Here’s why blog posts get batched & fall behind.  Interesting how they sent a card! 
Nice surprise 😲 

Lots of Love

LaLa 👋 

St Patrick’s Day is coming up!


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