January 2023 Postcrossing

    Looks as though, my Postcrossing fizzled some in January.  It was a super busy month.  I know I sent out cards 🎴 but I have no idea 💡 Well let’s look? 
    Let’s check the wall at Postcrossing on my members page and see what it comes up like. This was a good lesson for me, because times slips by before I realize.🤭 
    Postcards were sent out up through December. I had none sent in January.  I guess I need to step up my participation in the community.  Postcrossing does have a lovely forum for the community. It’s a very active forum too. Postcrossers are very dedicated to this hobby & the connections it creates.  
I’m going to see if i’m still eligible to send out a couple more postcards.  Someday I would love to live stream the process or at least 📹 video to document how we are doing things during this decade.  I’m going to have to stock up on some beautiful cards for sending. I’m tired of always posting the Empress Lily… 😂 

Until next time
Stay Positive | Be Blessed | Share Often


LaLa 👋




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