January PostFun App Swaps 2023 👈(゚ヮ゚👈)


    Seems like all my postcards are from PostFun for January. I will admit, Many of the same cards go out for my PostFun exchanges. I have such a surplus of the Empress Lily still. I do not make a habit of sending the same card to the same people.     I do vary my Pen Pal Cards. But for one time exchanges, the WDW classic is my go-to card. That one & my personal print on demand designs. I like them, they are uplifting to me, so I hope they spread a little sunshine along the way.  My DHubby mails them for me, so I think they all ship out from the same 📮 mailbox, but one can never tell with a grown man.  😂 

    This month I went back to my PostFun app to check any unregistered cards here in the US. Then I resent seeing if the recipient might respond by registering the card. I’ve done this before with great success. Maybe the first card was lost in the post, or life challenges just did not allow them the opportunity to get to it. Either way, it’s been a great surprise to find that someone did respond to a 2nd card by registering it & also a quick card back in the post.  PostFun people are genuinely lovely correspondence partners. 
    This week though the 2nd card experiment had another result. As you see below, my card returned to me with the bright yellow returned to sender, No recipient found at that address.  It was a little sad for a moment. Of course, hoping that all is well with them.  It also leaves my mind at rest tho regarding the previous card being registered.  Not a big deal, just a resolution. The postal service machinery does not treat our correspondence kindly.  Hoping someday a Postmaster will own up to this negative default to make a change.
Anywho, Lets look at some postcards.  I do have a couple nice ones this month. 
    Many PostFun exchanges lead to Pen Pals if you wish. Many include an address to write back. Some are just a simple note of Thanks or well wishes.  These always bring a smile.  I get a kick out of the cards that ask questions with no way to write back with a response.  Truly a comical moment that brings a good laugh.  Every Postcard is precious to me. Every connection, if for a moment or a lifetime. To all the wonderful people out there who give tirelessly, I appreciate your kindness & effort. 

Thank you so much for sharing yourself.


LaLa 👋 

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Look at this poor ol beat up card


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